Enjoy Your Morning Brew of Green Tea and Coffee and Reap Benefits too

Drinking a couple of cups of green tea or coffee can actually do wonders for your overall well-being. Since ancient times, ever since it was discovered people in China have used green tea to prevent a host of diseases ranging from cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, cancer, cataracts and much more. Apart from prevention green tea and also coffee is beneficial in treating various other conditions too.

Green tea to build immunity

Green tea strengthens your immune system and protects you against certain kinds of stress. The presence of polyphenols, a type of powerfulantioxidants which are found to have very good anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking green tea a couple times a day will also get rid of free radicals in your body which are known to cause diseases in the body. Protect your body from harmful UV rays and reap a host of other benefits too.  

Coffee to slow down aging

Two important factors that contribute to antiaging and are present in coffee are antioxidants and caffeine. Both these components have a crucial role to play when it comes to slowing down the aging process. Drinking the right amount of coffee also keeps your blood pressure in check and keeps your arteries more supple and flexible. So, drink up you're anti-aging super drink and look as well as feel younger.

Green tea for weight loss

Many weight loss programs swear by the fact that having several cups of green tea in a day can do wonders to help you lose weight. Extensive research has been done in this field and it has been found that drinking green tea does burn more calories and thus helps in weight loss.
The reason behind this is the presence of natural chemicals called catechins are present in fairly decent amounts in green tea and these stimulate thermogenesis and increase fat burning too. 

Coffee prevents tooth decay

Coffee contains certain antibacterial properties that help in preventing plaque formation and thus also helps in protecting your teeth from decay. The downside is that this property exists in the only certain type of beans and you also need to have your coffee black. Adding milk and/or sugar will not give you the desired benefits and yes, you must have your coffee in moderation. Too much of anything is bad.  

Green tea inhibits angiogenesis

Catechins – EGCG that are present in green tea are found to be containing properties which are so effective and powerful that they aid in the repairing of cell damage. They also fight against cell proliferation which is the main reason for tumor growth, cell invasion, and angiogenesis. 

Coffee to keep type 2 diabetes at bay

In another revelation that has been a source of a joy for many, it has been found that drinking coffee can help keeping type 2 diabetes at bay. Drinking about 3-4 cups of coffee is the recommended number of cups to get positive and effective results. Filtered coffee has been found to be the best coffee to drink prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. Researchers also found that to lower the chances of diabetes setting in drinking decaffeinated filter coffee in the afternoon during your lunch hour is the best time for optimum results.

Green tea for beauty

Not only does green work wonders when you have it internally. External use of green tea to keep yourself beautiful is also highly recommended.  It is an excellent hair conditioner and cleanser too.  Matcha green tea is can act as an excellent scrub as it has excellent antioxidant properties that done wonders to keep away wrinkles and other signs of agingWarm and damp tea bags are excellent to reduce under -the eye bags and the tannins that are released are very helpful in reducing the puffiness.

Green tea is an excellent remedy to treat pimples and acne. All you need to brew a cup and cool it well, Apply the tea and keep it on for at least 20 minutes. Rinse it off and repeat again at least twice a day for best results. Since green tea has a drying effect you must moisturize after every application. Just like anything else drinking too much of green tea or coffee is not good and affect your health to a large extent. Order your favorite brands of green tea and coffee online and keep yourself healthy, fit and disease free too.